29 May 2021

Blog #374-Spring Vintage Festival at Road America 2021

May 31, 2021

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all our servicemen and women for their service.

I'm writing this on May 29th, the day before the Indy 500. Hoping for a good safe race tomorrow!

This blog is about the Spring Vintage Festival at Road America a few weeks ago on May 14, 15 and 16. The SVRA puts on a great event with many classes of cars.

It's hard to pick a favorite class or car but Rod Radman, a nice young high school kid from Cedarburg, showed what he can do. He is fast and I believe he has a great future climbing the Indy Car ladder.

Rod and his red open wheel car were flying fast all weekend. Congratulations to him and keep it up young man. I know we have not seen the last of you!

The little Mini Cooper you see here was also a site to see, with it's left rear wheel in the air on turn five in every lap!

A beautiful red Jaguar XKE is my style of car and was running well you will see. Speaking of red cars, Andy Pilgrim was great to see in his Ferrari in a winning way!

The F4 open wheel series made their first appearance at Road America and was fun to watch.

One photo I really like is of the cars on the grid with a guy crawling underneath the car!! Yup, car wouldn't start and a smack of the hammer on the starter got her going!!

Enjoy a look at a lot of cool cars on a nice weekend.


Rich Zimmermann

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