23 Aug 2021

Blog #380-IMSA at Road America August 5-8, 2021

August 23, 2021

Hi folks, and wow have we had fun around here lately!

The three days of IMSA at Road America were fantastic with my friends at Action Express and Whelen Racing getting the win.

Drivers Pipo Derani and Philipe Nasr with the team led by Tim Keene got it done and won! Very happy for them and well deserved.

Had a great time with Pipo and the team in between shooting a ton of photos which is why this blog has 2 parts. The second half will be coming up next.

The photos here are mostly of Friday and Saturday but a couple are of the victory celebration. I had to show Pipo being tossed into his crew in the winners circle. Good thing they caught him!

After the racing on the evening of August 10th we got a huge storm in our neighborhood here in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Trees took out the power wires a few doors down and tore the power pole off of our house and we had no power for four days. Thankful that we have a generator but the power surge blew a lot of appliances and we are still trying to figure things out. VERY thankful the surge protector in the office here did it's job saving the computers and hard drives.

Haven't had enough time to edit everything yet because of the storm but enjoy these photos and more are coming soon.

Be safe everyone.


Rich Zimmermann

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