15 Jun 2014

Blog #117-The Grateful Dead 2-15-73

June 16, 2014

Our blog today is about a Grateful Dead show at the Dane County Coliseum on February 15, 1973.

Starting today, my photographs on my website will have a watermark on them for many reasons. The biggest one being that I am in this whole business to sell some photographs and not be a starving artist!!

I never knew that Jerry Garcia was missing part of a finger until someone mentioned it and I looked at my photographs of this show. This proves that you don't need all of your fingers to play great guitar!

Enjoy some photographs from a great show that I remember being a very long performance. The Grateful Dead was known for playing long shows.  They frequently went into long jam sessions.

If my memory serves me correctly this was a two night show.

Have a great week.


Rich Zimmermann



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